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Teen wins car, gives it to best friend

—She entered an essay contest to win the car.  Here is what she wrote:

"I would love to win the car, but if I did, I would give it to my friend, Kennedee Black. I understand that that is not what I’m supposed to write about — I know I’m supposed to tell you why I should win the car, but as I was beginning my essay, I realized that I don’t need the car, Kennedee does.

"I have a car. It’s old, but it works. My family is not financially sound, but we have enough to make us happy, and while a new, stylish car would make us all happier, we don’t need it.

"Kennedee is a senior at Woods Cross High School. She was never on the high honor or honor rolls, she was never on the honors citizenship roll, and she doesn’t have a great attendance streak. She is not what teachers would call the “stellar student,” but she has been through more than any of the students and teachers realize.

"Many people judge her, but she is doing everything she physically can. Kennedee has had substantial medical, family and other issues that have made it so that her financial and filial situation is rocky. She has taken classes at Viewmont High School to complete her CNA certificate so that she could begin working at The Legacy House Retirement Home in Bountiful. She has worked with her school counselor to enroll in classes so that she could work towards graduation. She has missed a lot of school because of medical reasons and work, but she has gone to her teachers and works hard to complete as much missing work as she can in order to keep her grades above failing. She has worked more than 30 hours, and sometimes more than 40 hours a week to help her mother support her brothers at home.

"I know that I might not win by telling Bountiful Mazda to not give me the car, but to give it to Kennedee. Kenn has been my friend for so long and she’s been through so much, that I feel like the least I can do is try to give her a chance at owning her own car to get her to her job, help her mom run errands or carpools, and have a little freedom for herself."

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